Micro-Measurements helping actors to not “Break a Leg”

Thespians the world over are a superstitious lot.  So much so that they believe that wishes of good luck prior to a performance will bring just the opposite.  This has evolved into the tradition of telling performers to “Break a Leg” instead of wishing them good luck.  While traditions are great, no one really wants a performer to “Break a Leg” so theaters and production companies are working diligently to improve stage safety while making productions increasingly dramatic.

As production companies vie for the consumer’s dollar, they have invested heavily in such effects as moving, tilting and rotating stages, automated overhead cranes, rigging, zip lines and pyrotechnic effects.  Making these technologies work in harmony to produce the desired effects require careful construction and monitoring to ensure seamless operation while maintaining complete safety.  The motion effects exert unbelievable forces on the stage superstructure, hydraulic ram mounts, connection points and on the very foundation of the building itself.

Increasingly, these companies are turning to Micro-Measurements for the system health monitoring solution.  Our StrainSmart data acquisition systems are able to simultaneously monitor inputs from strain gages, load cells, shear pins, pressure transducers, displacement transducers, thermocouples and accelerometers.  This enables the riggers to monitor all critical operations simultaneously to ensure proper operation and the safety of the performers and the audience at all times.

When the high tech “Show Must Go On”, turn to the experts at Micro-Measurements to ensure it does so safely.

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Jim Johnson

Technical Sales Manager


This is so true. It is so much easier to monitor and prevent a problem than to fix it later.