Slow, Slow, Quick Quick Slow – System 9000 Dances to Your Tune.

A recent addition to the StrainSmart family, System 9000 brings the versatility and simplicity of StrainSmart software to high-speed data capture. Up to 50,000 samples/second/channel makes this our fastest StrainSmart system to date. With inputs for common strain gauge configurations and resistances, thermocouple, voltage and piezo (VM and CM) it is versatile, flexible and capable.




PCBA testing covers a range of applications including reliability characterisation and production-line qualification.




System 9000 is compatible with all PCBA test requirements. Production line qualification needs sample rates from 500 to 2000 samples/second/channel, board interconnect reliability characterisation and the drop-test method for handheld devices requires 20,000 to 50,000 samples/second/channel. All versions of StrainSmart software have integrated rosette analysis and PCBA reporting to IPC/JEDEC 9704A which includes diagonal strain and strain rate outputs – capture the data, view immediately in the preferred report (strain rate graph or pass/fail report) or simple X-Y, strip chart or FFT.




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