Strain Gauge Sensor Measurements on PCBs with Over 100 Years of Combined Experience.

Strain Gauge Sensor Measurements on Printed Circuit Boards ( Based on Advanced Sensors Technology) - Where Does It All Begin?


Our sales and application engineering team is comprised of some of the best, brightest and most passionate people in the stress analysis industry. Although from varied backgrounds, MM SWAT team shares the same vision and common values, this is the DNA of our culture.


Each MM member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of strain measurements. With over 100 years of combined  experience in this webinar, our stress analysts  are second to none.





Cracks in the PCBs — brittle fractures in solder and even across components, particularly around BGAs — can be induced by in-circuit test fixtures and during assembly, burn-in and testing, system integration, and packaging and shipping. Strain measurements should be made after all design iterations of the PCB, including changes to on-board components, which may alter thermal stress loading


The demand for reliable, durable and compact electronic devices is all around us. Consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, aerospace and medical device manufactures want it, “lighter, more compact, more durable, more powerful” and, oh by the way, all at a lower price. This demands that the product is designed, tested and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the expectations of an ever more demanding marketplace. These requirements have been further complicated by the elimination of leaded solder to be RoHS compliant. Lead-free solder is much more brittle and is susceptible to brittle fracture when exposed to excessive strain.


Micro-Measurements plays a key role in bringing these new products to fruition. Micro-Measurements’ innovative experimental stress analysis products are used throughout these industries as part of their reliability testing program.  Our strain gages are used when testing components, sub-assemblies, printed circuit boards and finished products.

Micro-Measurements, a world leader in strain measurement technology, is also a leader in the development of strain measurement products specifically tailored to support the electronics industry.  Micro-Measurements has been collaborating with PCB manufacturers to help develop industry standards including:


IPC / JEDEC specifications

IPC – JEDEC 9702 Monotonic Bend Characteristics of Board-Level Interconnects

IPC – JEDEC 9704 Printed Wiring Board Strain Gage Test Guideline

JEDEC JESD22-B111 Board Level Drop Test Method of Components for Handheld  Electronic Products


Advanced Sensors Technology: