Wire Stripping for Strain Gage Applications

Small gage wire and cable are typically used in strain gage applications, especially when the wire is attached to the gage tabs or to terminals very close to the strain gage.  30 AWG to 22 AWG stranded cable is common.  These fine, stranded cables can be easily damaged when removing the insulation.  It is highly recommended to avoid the use of mechanical (cutting-type) wire strippers, as these tools will not only cut the insulation, but can also cut or nick the conductors within the cable.  These nicks can later be a point where the wire will fail, especially when cyclic loading and fatigue are involved.

The recommended method for removing insulation is the use of thermal wire strippers, such as Micro-Measurements WTS-1 (110V AC) and WTS-2 (220V AC) Thermal Wire Strippers.  Thermal wire strippers easily melt through vinyl or PVC insulation, even Teflon insulation, and will leave the fine conductors inside the cable undamaged.

In the absence of a proper thermal wire stripping tool, the tip of a hot soldering pencil can be used to melt through the insulation on opposite sides of the cable, and is much preferred over mechanical strippers.

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