Using the RS-200 and Residual Stress Gages as a Quality Control Tool on the Production Line

The demanding aerospace industry requires large scale monolithic components to provide strength and rigidity in critical locations in the airframe.  For example, aircraft door frames must be able hold support the door, act as a strong structural feature and maintain its shape to ensure an air tight seal.  Such components begin as a forging which is then precision machined to final tolerances. 

If the forging has unacceptable residual stresses, the machining operation will result in warpage which causes this very expensive component to be scrapped.


The Micro-Measurements RS-200 Residual Stress Milling Guide used in conjunction with Micro-Measurements Residual Stress Gages allows for determination of the residual stress in the forging before additional cost is added during the machining process. 


This early detection of unwanted stresses allows for more rapid process adjustments / refinements and reduces scrap rate / cost.



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Jim Johnson

Technical Sales Manager