Smooth Operation

Not all composite material surfaces are created equal.  Some composite surfaces are quite smooth and can be prepared for strain sensor bonding with minimal surface preparation, see Bulletin 129


In other cases, composite material surfaces can be quite rough. Sanding the surface to sufficient smoothness for your test will result in breaking fibers, which weakens the specimen and results in changing the properties of the specimen. 

There is a solution. 

Irregularities in the surface may be filled with one of our Micro-Measurements® epoxy systems such as M-Bond AE-10 room temperature curing epoxy.  Once applied and cured, the surface can be sanded back to the peaks in the original material, leaving a surface appropriate for gage bonding with little change to the material properties of the composite.

At this point, the strain gage sensors can be bonded by using standard bonding techniques and more M-Bond AE-10 adhesive.  Other suitable adhesive from Micro-Measurements may be used for this type of application. For a complete listing of adhesives VISIT HERE. 

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Jim Johnson

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