In or Out?

Classic diaphragm strain gages employ four gage grids arranged to take advantage of the unique tension/compression strain distribution on a pressure diaphragm. When these gages are bonded to the “outside” surface of the diaphragm they are typically trimmed square. However, when the gages are to be installed onto a recessed diaphragm (more common) the gages must be trimmed into a circle.

Micro-Measurements can supply either square-trimmed diaphragm gages (standard) or circular-trimmed diaphragm gages. To order circular trim add OPTION SP-70 to the gage designation. Different trim diameters, depending on the diaphragm size, are available.

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Jim Weidner

Chief Applications Engineer


We've use the circular diaphragm gage successfully for many years, and have customized the SP-70 trim diameter to self-center the gage on the recessed diaphragm ID. Thanks for all the help along the way Jim!