Making Sense of Sensors

Why so many different patterns and options?

The simplest answer to this question is, because there are so many different applications and test requirements.  From a quick check of a material structural property, to building ultraprecise transducers, there is a Micro-Measurements strain gage sensor and installation product available for the job. This is one reason why there are so many variables to consider when selecting a strain sensor and the necessary installation products, and also why checking the resources online at can simplify your effort.  Especially helpful are the application specific webpages, which can be accessed by clicking on the APPLICATIONS tab at the top of the main webpage.   The basic strain gage combinations start with a matrix family based on the pattern geometry, gage length, foil material, backing material, self-temperature compensation (STC) and gage resistance.  Adding options, like solder pad locations, pre-attached leads, and encapsulation further increases these combinations.  As we continue working to satisfy customer requirements, then our gage designs and options will continue to evolve, efficiently solving new measurement challenges and simplifying gage application.  

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