Creep Codes

In looking at an MM part number such as N2K-06-S5101N-50C/DG/E3, “N” is the creep code of the strain gage. Strain gage performance can be fine tuned to match the creep characteristics of different materials by adjusting the end-loop length. For the gage cited, "N" is the standard (and possibly only) creep code. 

Creep is a concern when trying to achieve better than 0.03% full-scale creep values or less.

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Darryl Peterson

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Do you have a white paper on creep? I'd like to learn more about the phenomena.

Thank you for the inquiry regarding creep codes with strain gages. There is a short write up about the creep codes in our Transducer Class data book at that you can find at the following link: If you want to read more about it, send me an email to and I will forward a digital version of Strain Gage Based Transducers- Their Design and Construction which discusses this along with many other aspects associated with strain gage based transducers. Thanks again for the inquiry and have a great day! Darryl