Clearer Signals

How do I prevent electrical noise from interfering with the strain gage sensor signal?       

First, make sure the gage installation has been done properly. This includes flux removed from solder joints, appropriate protective coatings and keeping the gage signal wires separate from other potential noisy electrical wires such as AC power lines or variable frequency motor drives (VFD).  Test the electrical connections and gage installation using the Model 1300 Gage Installation Tester.  If the measurement signal has too much instability (noise), then it may be necessary to use a three-conductor twisted cable instead of a flat ribbon connector.  Additional electrical noise rejection can be accomplished by using a three-conductor shielded cable.  Note that a cable shield should only be attached at one end.  If connected to the instrument and the item under test, you can create a ground loop which will also cause electrical noise in the system.  A helpful reference is Tech Note TN-501-2, “Noise Control in Strain Gage Measurements.

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