Another Option for Hostile Environments

Simplify lead wire connection using Option W. This option provides full encapsulation and thin, printed circuit terminals at the tab end of the gage. Beryllium copper jumpers connect the terminals to the gage tabs. Option W gages are rugged and well protected and permit direct attachment of larger lead wires than would be possible with standard, open-faced gages. For more information on availability and specifications, refer to the Precision Strain Gage Databook.

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Bob Watson

Director of Engineering


Option W 应变片非常便于使用,但是由于价格因素用户还是通常选择常规应变片。从直接提高应变片贴片焊接成功率以控制成本以及方便性控制工作效率这些角度,我们今后还是要多向客户推荐Option W应变片。