Using Chopsticks with a Strain Gage Like an Expert : A Beginner’s Guide (Chinese Language)

Chopsticks are one of the most useful utensils on the globe. Check out this video to learn how to use chopsticks modified with a strain gage.

When learning how to use smart chopsticks based on Advanced Sensors Technology C4A strain gage, it’s best to start one stick at a time - starting with one smart strain gage outfitted chopstick, you can familiarize yourself with the touch (force), and then add the second chopstick using the C4A strain gage sensor when you are comfortable doing so.

In this iLearn video, Steven shows how to achieve a practical Advanced Sensors C4A strain gage installation from start to finish.

Advanced Sensors Technology C4A Series - Good News for strain gage users AND chopsticks users.  By watching this tutorial you will learn practical tips and several tricks for installing any strain gage sensor. Meet the top smart best chopsticks of 2019 using Advanced Sensors Technology C4A strain gage sensor.





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