For those who hate to solder - New strain gage sensors with pre-attached leads. (Advanced Sensors Technology)

In this podcast, Darryl and Jim introduce the new C4A Series and C5K Series Advanced Sensors Technology strain gage sensors that are coming with pre-attached leads to eliminate the need to solder therefore saving both time and installation cost as well as assuring quality.


Features and Benefits:


  • Pre-attached leads or cables simplify gage installation and ensure dependable installations, particularly in difficult locations on components or in the field.
  • Strain gage grids are protected with polyimide encapsulation.
  • With pre-leaded C4A Series, soldering to strain gage tabs is not required.
  • With C4A Series, direct connection to test instrumentation allows faster gage installation.


Experimental Stress Analysis (ESA) is often called the quality control of design because it assures maximum reliability with minimum material and weight. ESA is not just an expense- it is a profit-generating investment.

The stress analysts in nearly every industry depend on the Advanced Sensors Technology C4A Series and C5K for the equipment and expertise to apply the quality-control benefits of ESA to their design. And our all-techniques approach to stress analysis can handle most design situations.


Now it’s the time to weigh the gains from using ESA against the continued losses and risks of not using it. To profit-wise firms , stress analysis is simply good business . Call or e-mail us at Micro-Measurements. We have a lot more to tell you about the new Advanced Sensors Technology C4A Series and C5K Series.


With practice, installing C4A and C5K strain gage sensors becomes a routine operation. It does require meticulous attention to detail and strictly following the procedures. A typical procedure includes surface degreasing, abrasion, cleaning, etching, and neutralizing, then adhesive application and curing, and finally, applying environmental protection.


In this iLearn video Tom and Collin show how to achieve a practical Advanced Sensors C4A strain gage installation from «Scratch» or from start to finish.




Advanced Sensors Technology Strain Gage Installation:


For general-purpose stress analysis applications, the new C4A Series strain gage with Advanced Sensors Technology are a drop replacement for the traditional C2A strain gage.

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