StrainPro: Portable, USB-Powered D4 Data Acquisition Conditioner for Strain and Load Measurement

The portable, USB-powered D4 data acquisition conditioner features four input channels with RJ-45 connectors, support for quarter-, half-, and full-bridge strain gage (gauge) configurations, and built-in precision bridge completion for 120 Ω, 350 Ω, and 1,000 Ω circuits.


The D4 is the ideal solution for stress analysis applications, such as aerospace, automotive, agricultural and structural testing. Designed for use with resistive strain gages (gauges) and strain-gage-based transducers, the data acquisition conditioner allows users to connect and monitor up to four channels of strain gage (gauge) input or input from any Wheatstone bridge-based device. Users can condition and record data from the inputs into a host computer via the USB interface.