Strain Gauge Load Cells (Design, Assembly, and Refinement)

Load cell (tension bending, compression, shear, etc.) is a transducer (physical element) that converts mechanical force into electrical signal. There are several different types of load cells such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and strain gauge that operate in different ways, but the most commonly used load cell today is the strain gauge load cell. A typical load cell usually consists of four Advanced Sensors Technology strain gauges (full-bridge) in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. The Wheatstone Bridge circuit is a highly sensitive circuit that produces an output signal measured in millivolts and is capable of producing accurate, repeatable and stable strain measurement. The core of all VPG load cells is a foil strain gauge sensor.

Micro-Measurements Seminar on Strain-Gage-Based Transducers — Design, Assembly, and Refinement

This seminar is suited to technicians, engineers, or managers who are responsible for designing, manufacturing, or testing strain-gage-based transducers. It is an intensive, two-day review of the materials, components, production methods and test methods used to build these devices.

Each attendee will construct and test a complete transducer using techniques and materials developed specifically for transducer manufacturing; this includes wiring, protective coatings, and calibration equipment. Emphasis is placed on the reduction of common production-line failures such as gage-bonding rejects, by thoroughly understanding the cause-and-effect relationships for these failures.

Circuit refinement techniques are discussed and demonstrated, including compensation for temperature effects on zero and load.

Time is reserved during the afternoon of the second day for a question-and-answer session covering participant topics, which can be conducted confidentially if required.

Topics include:

  • Basic Strain Gage (Strain Gauge) Characteristics
  • Gage Creep Compensation
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Gage Installation Techniques for High-Volume Manufacturing
  • Gage Application and Wiring by Participants
  • Wheatstone Bridge Circuits
  • Zero-Balance Compensation
  • Discussion of Current Gage Protection Methods
  • Calibration of Participants' Transducers






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