Strain Gage Installation for water exposure applications (W2A Series IPX8S-Rated)

How hard is it to install a foil strain gage sensor outside? What about using a waterproof strain gage?

With practice, installing strain gage sensors becomes a routine operation.  It does require meticulous attention to detail and strictly following the procedures.  A typical procedure includes surface degreasing, abrasion, cleaning, etching, and neutralizing, then adhesive application and curing, and finally, applying environmental protection unless you are using the NEW W2A Series. In this iNote, Darryl describes the installation of our W2A Series which meets – IPX8S standards.

The W2A strain gages with attached lead wires have a completely enclosed construction for protection in applications where there is exposure to water, e.g., outdoors, under water, etc. Based on the CEA Series with Option P2 pre-attached cables, W2A strain gages are fully enclosed with a silicone rubber coating and tested to 10 GΩ insulation resistance, 1 meter water depth, 30 minutes duration. Other requirements can be addressed on demand .The coating is rectangular in shape. It can easily be trimmed with a razor blade when space is limited.






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