Learn how leadwire selection can eliminate downtime, reduce and increase your strain measurement productivity. As we all know leadwire directly affects service life, fatigue and performance of any strain gage sensor.


Leadwires, properly selected and installed, should play a passive, yet critical, role in strain measurement. Their primary function is to deliver power to those portions of the strain gage circuit remote from the measurement instrument and to retrieve the strain-induced measurement signal from the gage installations. Ideally, leadwires take nothing from the measurement signal and add nothing to it.


Different strain gage installation conditions and test specifications often necessitate the use of different types or sizes of leadwires. For accurate, reliable strain measurements, it is important to use an appropriate type of leadwire for each installation. Micro-Measurements stocks a wide variety of wires and cables, cataloged in tabular form on the following pages. All wires and cables listed in the datasheet have been proven in the field to give excellent sensor performance when properly used in the specified environments. Special gage wiring problems may require the use of wires not listed here. In such cases, our Applications Engineering Department can recommend appropriate wire types and can suggest suppliers.







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