Need to Measure Force within a Structure?

VPG Stress-tek has many tools at hand to solve difficult problems and create successful solutions in load measurement.  Very often, a designer finds a need to measure forces within a system or structure, and it is not possible to use an off-the-shelf load cell.  In these situations, components of the system or structure are considered for the addition of strain gages in order to convert them into expedient load cells.  A degree of knowledge and skill is required to do this with good measurement accuracy and reliability.  In this video, Keith explains how Photostress was used to visualize the stress distribution within a rod end bearing.  Armed with precise knowledge of the location and magnitude of the stress, a custom strain gage was designed by Micro-Measurements to fit the rod end and place the sensing grids at the stress concentrations.  The result was a rod end bearing converted into a reliable load cell that was calibrated with excellent accuracy!