Improving Strain Measurement Quality with Signal Conditioning

Did you know that proper signal conditioning is critical in getting an accurate measurement of any signal. It is the first step of computerized data acquisition.

Signal Conditioning Systems: High-performance, microprocessor controlled signal conditioning amplifiers are used for strain gage ( and other sensors) data acquisition.


Advanced features include automatic zero, balance and calibration, computer monitoring and display of excitation and output.

Graphical user interface software is available for Windows and LabVIEW.


I/O modules configure the 6100 to your specific needs. Pacific offers a broad selection of modules providing a high degree of flexibility, accuracy and performance. Series 6100 I/O Modules condition, amplify, filter and output high level signals to external data acquisition systems. Modules are selected according to functional and performance requirements for your application.


Signal Conditioning I/O Modules


Signal Conditioning Systems





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