How To Handle Stress When Choosing An Espresso Cup (Advanced Sensors Technology)

Think about all the different methods we prepare coffee and install strain gage sensors every day, eventually all espresso is coffee, but not all coffee is espresso. The difference between coffee and espresso is the same as the difference between a traditional strain gage and Advanced Sensors Technology strain gage. Espresso has been shown to improve three elements that are vital to any strain gage installation including concentration,  long-term memory, and last but not least, mood.


It may not seem like a big deal to most of us , but the handle of any espresso cup can make the difference between our desire to pick up a cup or just bypass it and pick up the cup by its body.  Taking into consideration the size of a common espresso cup, handles that are too thin and fragile feel like they are going to break or crack when you pick them up. The right handle allows the stress analyst  to be able to balance the cup comfortably in her hand.  The dimensions of the handle will either allow our index finger to slip through it or not.


In this Micro-Measurements video, Tom illustrates the entire process of bonding an Advanced Sensors Technology C4A strain gage to an espresso cup.


Remember, taking the time to serve your espresso in the best cup will show your guests you are a true stress analyst.




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