Hockey Stick Stress Test.

The Stress Test can provide much information about the performance of a hockey stick, and many other types of sporting equipment!


Professional hockey players are performing at the highest skill level within the sport.  They expect peak performance and reliability from the equipment that they use.  Winning the Stanley Cup depends on the overall performance of the team and the equipment that they use.  To actually measure where in the hockey stick the “stress” is located, and then to “drill down” into the actual movement totally changes the experience of playing hockey.


How much force does it take to break a hockey stick?

How long does a hockey stick last?

How much deflection occurs, and is the deflection at the best location?


In this video Darryl demonstrates how to install a strain gage sensor and how it is used to determine material strain due to static and dynamic loads coming from internal and external factors.

DYK that with the right information about strain, the relationship between stress and strain can be used to determine the forces and deflection on your hockey stick?








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