Can We Measure The First Million Digits Of pi (π) with A Data Acquisition System?

In this podcast, Patrick from Pacific Instruments speaks about signal conditioning/data acquisition systems.

I’m not sure if it’s possible with a good memory to remember the first million digits of pi (π), but with Pi (Pacific instruments) DAQ, we have a good chance to measure up to 10MS/S.

Several questions that should be asked when choosing a signal conditioning/data acquisition system:  

Signal Conditioning or Data Acquisition?  Or Both?

Type of Input(s): Strain Gage, Accelerometer, TC, Pressure, IEPE, RTD, Voltage, Current, Charge

Number of Inputs.

Large or Small Scale testing – Rackmount or Portable. 

Nature of the test - Rugged or Non-Rugged

Bandwidth/Sample rate requirements?

High Speed/Low Speed.  Or Both?

Software requirements – How do you want to view the data?

Already have your own software?






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