The Marquette SAE Baja team utilized strain gages provided by Micro-Measurements® to record data that will help with the design verification and future designs of the vehicle.

The goal of the design competition is to have the fastest vehicle that can endure four hours over rough terrain. This requires a design optimized for strength and weight, without compromising durability. The goal of this project was to record strain data to verify load input calculations and suspension component designs

The Challenge

The Marquette SAE Baja team has improved the design of its cars over the past few years, however, the team never had the capability to access real world data from sensors on the vehicle. This year the senior design team took on the task of designing and implementing a comprehensive data acquisition system or DAQ. Strain gages were used throughout the suspension components to collect data relating the input forces on the suspension and component factors of safety in real world tests. The challenge included implementing the system and verifying the accuracy of the outputs.

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