The Structure Who Cried Wolf

A customer approached us with a skyscraper structural monitoring application that requires user defined alarm and warning triggered events to be sent to the remote operator located thousands of miles away.  When user-defined thresholds are reached, the data acquisition system needed the ability to alert or communicate the situation to a remotely located operator via e-mail, text message or other means. One data acquisition system with 60 channels, hardwired to one or two locations with remote access and alarm event communication capability is required to monitor the application project from a distance.  


What can we offer?

The Pacific Instruments Series 6000 is a modular signal conditioning and data acquisition system comprised of three core components: the enclosure, a variety of I/O Modules that can be mixed and matched based on transducer/sample rate requirements, and our turnkey software, PI660, for data display, operation and control.  The system as a whole is extremely flexible in that all channels in the system are independent of each other.  This means that channel settings like gain, filter, excitation, transducer type, sample rate, and alarms can be set on a channel by channel basis.  Varying levels of digital control are also available to further customize system test configurations and capabilities.


The Series 6000 system can be as small as 2 channels or as large as 5,000+ channels so it is very easy to expand and accommodate any number of channels for any variety of applications as requirements change. 


The ability to assign high level and low level alarm and warning thresholds for each individual channel is a key feature of the system.  Software settings can configure one or all channels to sound the alarm or warn the operator if, for example, the strain gages go above or below a defined level, such as 1000 micro-strain.  This is a hardware based alarm which will trigger the alarm bus within 3 sample periods, giving the operator enough time to react to any issues during testing.  Digital I/O Modules also offer the capability for red line cuts, test shutdown, valve opening/closing etc. based on these events for quick response.  In addition, the software has a client/server architecture, meaning that you have a Windows based PC directly connected to the system via USB.  This PC can stream data to any other PC on the network in real-time, or a VPN may be used to view the data remotely.



More information on the Series 6000 is available on our website at: .



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