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Compact, versatile and incredibly successful, System 8000 was and is still well received across all industries and applications, especially due to the 8 programmable channels which can accept common strain gauge inputs and resistances, thermocouples and voltages. This compact unit can be carried in a laptop bag and can be expanded up to 16 units for 128 channels.




A materials testing laboratory required a versatile system for many measurements tasks including in-house material tests and on-site design validation testing. A simple interface, quick setup and reconfiguration, and easy maintenance were essential.




System 8000 was selected. For most jobs just 4 strain gauge channels and 1 voltage input from a test machine load channel were required. Being able to combine several units for site applications added to the versatility, and 1000 samples/second/channel enabled transient event capture. Maintenance costs were reduced and downtime for calibration virtually eliminated through the use of the integrated self-calibration which only required one voltage reference (VCal) card for several systems. In combination with our StrainSmart 8000 software, reconfiguration takes minutes.


Datasheet: https://micro-measurements.com/pca/?page=1&search=8000


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