Micro-Measurements in Medical Infusion Pumps

Critical care and ambulatory infusion pumps are key life extending / improving devices.  They are a quantum leap in medical technology beyond the drip systems used in hospitals for nearly one hundred years. 

Use of a critical care infusion pump not only improves medicine delivery accuracy but frees the RN from constantly monitoring and manually adjusting the drip rate.

Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors Technology strain gages (gauges) and hybrid sensors enable infusion pump manufacturers to take the technology to a new level of accuracy and safety.  Strain gage based sensors incorporated into these systems to monitor the medicine flow from the supply vessel (Proximal side of the system) to the successful infusion into the patient (Distal side of the system). 

By monitoring pressure on both the supply and delivery side of the system, the microprocessor controller in the pumping system can detect an interruption in flow due to depleted supply, air bubble or occlusion in delivery line or patient.  An occlusion can be especially dangerous since it can block delivery for several pump cycles, resulting in an overdose if it were to break free allowing simultaneous infusion of multiple doses.

Constant, real time monitoring using strain gage based sensors improves system reliability, improves patient safety and frees hospital staff to spend more time performing other critical care duties.

Advanced Sensors Technology: Cutting-Edge Refinement: https://micro-measurements.com/advanced-sensors-technology

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