Measured Exercises for a Stress-Free Work/Life Balance

At a time when more of us are working from home it is essential that we all get sufficient exercise. My personal commute involves walking to the bathroom, going down one flight of stairs, into the kitchen then the home office; it’s not exactly a workout!


1. Pull

2. Push

3. Bend

4. Twist


This list may sound like a typical fitness or yoga class, it is also encompasses the three basic measurement modes. More accurately they can be called axial (tension (pull) or compression (push)), bending, and torsion. These can be further split into sub-sections such as simple bending, double bending, torsion, shear, but what they all have in common is that they all result in strain and therefore can be measured with strain gauges.


Exercise is essential for personal wellbeing, cardiovascular health, strength, stamina, muscle tone and bone density. It’s proven to improve mood and leads to better sleep patterns.

But, how do you quantify the effect of your fitness programme?



We are all aware of the recommendation for so many steps a day, but pottering abound the house vs a brisk walk or a short run have very different benefits. Step counters built into mobile phones, fitness trackers and smart watches tell us nothing in isolation; many now integrate heart monitoring for a better idea of the benefit. Actual effort can be estimated based on approximations, but for actual effort we must measure!


Strain gauges are integrated into many types of exercise equipment including weight trainers and bicycles. Accurately measuring this data can give you a quantitative overview of your strength, effort, power and fitness level. For elite athletes this is essential to enable small changes to optimise technique for maximum efficiency.


Common across many of these applications is the requirement to be battery powered. Advanced Sensors strain gauges are available in 5000 ohms and above to maximise battery life and minimise replacement or recharge intervals.


Like many things in life, if it can be measured you’ll find our Advanced Sensor strain gauges!


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