Improving FEA Torsion Modeling

The Spartan Superway team is working on the Sustainable Mobility System for Silicon Valley project at San Jose State University. Their goal is to design a Personal Rapid transport system.


Because modeling the behavior of mechanical stresses or loads simply can’t take the place of real world measurements, the team decided to perform torsion testing and compare the real-world data against the virtual model data.


For this test program, the team used strain gages and the P3 strain indicator and recorder from Micro-Measurements to compare mechanical behaviors, to verify FEA model accuracy, and to isolate anomalies.


CEA-06-250US-350, General Purpose Strain Gages - Shear/Torque Pattern

P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder



Read the full Case Study: 

CS 23 / Doc 25521

Link to the Spartan Superway Torsion Team site

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