Glance into The Past, but Stare into The Future

System 7100 is the latest addition to our range of instruments, a re-engineered, modern version of our successful System 7000 from the mid-2000s. Customers include large aerospace companies, universities, material testing laboratories and PCBA production line qualification testing. It’s our system of choice for large channel count tests (from 8 to 1000+) and fully-synchronous data capture up to 2000 samples/second/channel.


400 strain gauge channels of in-field data capture were required, with up to 200m (~600’) leadwires per channel for a 2-year test programme.


System 7000 was selected for its distributed capability to further reduce leadwire lengths. A demonstration with 300m (~1000’) strain gauge leads showed accuracy to 0.05%, matching the published specification, using automated correction via shunt calibration. With the adoption of RJ45 (8P8C) connectors now common to the StrainSmart systems family, on-site installation time was greatly reduced. Our StrainSmart software proved its worth handling 400 channels with ease and informed further development for 1000+ channel  installations. Now effectively replaced with System 7100 and StrainSmart 7100 software, our capabilities are further enhanced for next-generation applications.


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