Displacement Sensors

Structural tests often require a variety of measurements to validate design or to gain a better understanding of structural behavior under a different loading conditions. These measurements often include strain, temperature, load and displacement. LVDTs are commonly the sensor of choice when making displacement measurements. However, many data acquisition systems capable of making strain measurements lack the necessary inputs to support LVDT technology.


Micro-Measurements offers the perfect solution, the HS line of Linear Displacement Sensors. These extremely precise displacement sensors require a DC excitation and output a milivolt signal which can be monitored / recorded by strain measurement instrumentation thus eliminating the need for separate LVDT instrumentation.


The HS sensors may be operated with excitation voltages from 2 to 10V and are compatible with all standard strain gage data acquisition instruments and offer resolution typically limited only by the test instrument

The HS-series has a selection of 5 models with full-scale ranges from 5 to 100 mm. Available with specially designed mounting fixtures, these versitile sensors are suited for use in research, manufacturing and process control as well as structural monitoring applications.


For large displacement measurements, Micro-Measurements goes a step further by offering a line of String Pots (Cable-Extension Displacement Sensors CDS) which, with the flip of a switch can be converted from potentiometer mode to bridge mode. In bridge mode the CDS is compatible with strain indicators as well as strain measurement data acquisition systems without the need for special input cards or seperate instruments.


The Cable-Extension Displacement Sensors from Micro-Measurements are available in 5-inch, 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch and 50-inch displacements.



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