One of the latest examples of high tech applications for strain gages comes from our good friends at Sensing Systems Corporation.  Richardo Bermudez, the President of Sensing Systems, has a provided a fantastic example of how strain gages are being used today in the modern world.  While most strain gages are used in typical structural, automotive, and industrial applications, Ricardo gives us a sneak peek into the potential for strain gages to be used in a biomedical application.

Sensing Systems was contacted by the U.S. Defense Department to build a better prosthetic arm to aid our wounded soldiers.  The goal was to enhance the functionality so that it duplicates the human arm and five fingered hand motion.  Small, high resistance strain gages from MM placed at strategic locations near the tips of the prosthetic hand enable Ricardo and his team to sense the “finger-tip” force which is used to provide feedback to the motor control.  The strain gages are so sensitive that it allows the prosthetic arm to successfully pick up a grape (weighs 5 grams). 

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Interesante artículo en el que Darryl nos ilustra acerca de alguna de las aplicaciones biomédicas de las bandas extensométricas. Micro-Measurements y su filial española Vishay Precision España ofrecen una amplia variedad de modelos y algunos con resistencias muy altas (20.000 ohmios), para así dar soluciones a aplicaciones como la que aquí se nos presenta. ¡Las bandas extensométricas de Micro-Measurements forman ya parte del futuro! Si necesita información adicional, por favor no dude en contactarnos.