Advanced Sensors Technology can help athletes be faster, stronger and more efficient.

In the challenging and competitive world of sports, a small fraction of a second might be all that separates a champ from the rest of the field.


Miniature Micro-Measurements strain gage sensors with Advanced Sensors technology already has transformed the way athletes train and compete. The strain gage sensors are used in indoor and outdoor sports and training applications, such as exercise gears and equipment, and quantify the athlete’s muscle activity and exertion.

Analyzing the information from each Micro-Measurements strain gage with Advanced Sensors technology enables anyone to identify improvement opportunities.

Strain gages embedded in dedicated transducers can even measure posture and provide real-time feedback.


In this case study, Micro-Measurements strain gages were used in the development of a bicycle power meter at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The strain gages were used to measure the actual torque applied by the cyclist that provides the power output. The strain gage was mounted on a separate sensor member that can easily be retrofitted in-between existing bicycle cranksets. The main challenge was to provide an accurate measurement of torque by eliminating the non-contributing forces and moments in the system. The research is aimed at developing a cost-effective solution for an accurate power-measuring device for a cyclist.


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