Proper Storage of M-Bond 610

M-Bond 610 is a two-component, solvent-thinned, epoxy-phenolic adhesive for high-performance applications, including high-precision transducers.  It has a minimum shelf life of 9 months at +75°F [+24°C]; or 15 months at +40°F [+5°C] and a pot Life of 6 weeks at +75°F [+24°C]; 12 weeks at +40°F [+5°C].  It is important to note that while the pot life can be extended by refrigeration, it should only be placed into refrigeration a single time after mixing and should not be opened until it has warmed to room temperature.

Opening the bottle when it is below room temperature or repeated cycling the 610 in and out of the refrigerator will result in moisture condensation inside the bottle with the potential for absorption of moisture into the adhesive.  Absorption of moisture into the adhesive results in incomplete crosslinking which degrades adhesive performance.


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Jim Johnson

Technical Sales Manager