New Strain Gauge Application Kit



If you need to prepare for an upcoming strain measurement and you want to be sure that you have materials on-hand to cover a wide range of possible temperatures and environments, the new SPK-1  Strain Gage SURFACE PREPARATION KIT has you covered in one, everything-that-is-needed bundle.


• Contains the contents of the BAK-200 Kit, but without any adhesive or catalyst.

• Allows ordering a kit with basic surface preparation materials and ordering any desired adhesive separately.

• Order CSM or GC-6 degreaser separately, as needed.

• The SPK-1 Surface Preparation Kit should be stored at or near +75°F (+24°C)


Primarily intended as a convenient form of general purpose kit, it will prove particularly valuable to:

(a) The beginner, who occasionally applies strain gage techniques but has not acquired enough experience to specify individual items with confidence.

(b) The stress analyst  who is required to perform strain analysis indoor or outdoor at short notice with different types of adhesives.

(c) Teaching staff in educational establishments required to demonstrate the technique and to construct experimental apparatus. 

What’s inside the kit:


CSP-1, cotton swabs 1 package GSP-1, gauze sponges, 1 package PCT-2M, gage installation tape, 1 roll MCA-1, M-Prep Conditioner A, 2 oz (60 ml) bottle MN5A-1, M-Prep Neutralizer 5A, 2 oz (60 ml) bottle SCP-2 320-grit silicon-carbide paper, 1 roll SCP-3 400-grit silicon-carbide paper, 1 roll

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