Degreasing Solvents for Stress Spots – What’s best?

Solvent degreasers used to remove surface contaminates like oil, grease, etc. should leave nothing behind other than a contaminate-free surface. While there are a number of solvents available that are effective in removing contaminates like oil, some leave behind a residue that can inhibit proper strain gage sensor bonding. For example, acetone is an aggressive degreaser but it leaves behind a white residue.


If you are planning on using non-strain sensor qualified solvents, then we would suggest the following test:

1.Clean a glass plate with Neutralizer 5A.

2.Apply the solvent to the surface.

3.Allow the solvent to evaporate.

  • If it leaves no film/residue, then it should be ok.
  • If it does leave a film/residue, then it should not be used in the surface preparation for bonded a foil strain sensor.
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Tom Rummage

Applications Engineering Manager