Stress Analysis - Gravity Drop Test

In this experiment Tom will install the new CEA-Series strain gage with Advanced Sensors Technology and then conduct a gravity drop test. At the end of this video you will be able to explain what is common between a strain gage, stress analysis and gravity. You will also be able to explain what happens when you just hold the cup vs. dropping it on a concrete floor and to be able to repeat this experiment with a CEA strain gage.

As shown in this video a drop test is a test designed to study the structural integrity of any product such as a coffee cup.

Advanced Sensors Technology CEA’s - Good News for Strain Gage Users.

The CEA-Series strain gage, with its rugged, integral copper terminals, has proven to be Micro-measurement’s most widely accepted new strain gage product since the introduction of foil gages over 60 years ago.

Thousands of users testify to traditional CEA’s…and more will do for the new CEA.

• Ease of application

• Reduced installation time

• High reliability

• Low total cost of installation






For general-purpose stress analysis applications, the new CEA-Series strain gage with Advanced Sensors Technology are a drop replacement for the traditional CEA gage.

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