Strain Gauge Installation – Tips & Tricks (60 Minutes)

In this iLearn Jon from Intertechnology Inc.  In Canada describes the process for preparing a test article for Advanced Sensors Technology strain gage installation, including surface preparation, gage bonding, and the application of a protective coating. It does require meticulous attention to detail and strictly following the procedures.


A typical procedure includes surface degreasing, abrasion, cleaning, etching, and neutralizing, then adhesive application and curing, and finally, applying environmental protection.


Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors Technology C4A-Series strain gage sensors are the most widely accepted for use in general-purpose experimental stress analysis applications in the world today. Micro-Measurements Certified M-Bond 200 is an excellent general-purpose laboratory adhesive because of its fast room-temperature cure and ease of application. For proper results, the procedures and techniques presented here should be used with qualified Micro-Measurements installation accessory products.






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