Strain Gage Installation Checklist: Steel

Our new steel checklist helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a strain measurement task.

By having a checklist any stress analyst can complete repetitive strain measurements tasks on steel more quickly and efficiently, and with fewer mistakes. This gives us more accurate strain data and assures fewer “fire drills”.   

Like aluminum, steel is a common structural material, particularly in the heavy transportation and infrastructure industries. And like aluminum, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing supports the effort of developing standards for mechanical testing of steel. With over 50 standards under its jurisdiction, Committee E28 has a standard test method for determining just about any physical parameter of steel. ASTM E8 (Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials) describes tension testing at room temperature. Micro-Measurements C2A-Series of foil strain gage sensors are a perfect match with this standard, and provides quick, reliable, and accurate results.

A simple tool that helps to prevent these mistakes is the checklist. Our new checklist is simply a standardized list of the required steps developed for a repetitive strain measurement task on Steel. 

Step 1: Define the Test Conditions

Step 2: Ensure Appropriate Surface Preparation Materials Are On Hand

Step 3: Select the Strain Sensor

Step 4: Select the Adhesive

Step 5: Select a Protective Coating

Step 8: Select the Measurement Instrumentation

Strain Gage Installation Checklist:

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