The resistance strain gage, because of its unique operational characteristics, has easily dominated the transducer (load cell) field for the past 50 years or so.

Advanced Sensors Technology strain gage sensors can be satisfactorily bonded to almost any solid material if the material surface is properly prepared.

While a properly prepared surface can be achieved in more than one way, the specific procedures and techniques described in this video offer a number of advantages especially for strain gage load cells.

To begin with, they constitute a carefully developed and thoroughly proven system; and, when the instructions are followed precisely (along with those for strain gage and adhesive handling), the consistent result will be strong stable bonds. The procedures are simple to learn, easy to perform, and readily reproducible.

The importance of attention to detail, and precise adherence to instructions, cannot be overstressed in surface preparation for strain gage bonding.

The main steps are:

• Degreasing.

• Abrading.

• Conditioning.

• Neutralizing.




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