Gage vs Gauge: Is there a difference?

As a verb, gage and gauge mean the same thing — to perform an act of measurement. Here at Micro-Measurements, we’re in the business of measuring strain, but gauges (and gages!) can also be used to measure depth, weight, and more. As a noun, in today’s usage, gage and gauge simply refer to an instrument used for measurement, as in our strain gages (or, strain gauges). In general, gauge (gage with the added ‘u’) is the most common spelling. However, at Micro-Measurements, we use the more unique spelling (gage) to highlight the unique quality of our products. We are the premier producer of strain gages around the world, and we want that excellence to be reflected in our name. Here’s another fun fact: an obsolete meaning of the word gage (as a noun) is a pledge offered as a form of security. That meaning fits perfectly with our use of the word gage, because we pledge the highest of quality with each strain gage we make, no matter how it is spelled!

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Yuval Hernik

StrainBlog Editor in Chief